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New brake pads -v type
I am having trouble re fitting my new pads & reattaching the brakes. the pads are fixed tight now but I cant reattach the cables - where am I going wrong? have tried adjusting all the screws etc nothing is working. looked so simple in the video!! Is it possible that the brake pads are the wrong size? I took my bike with me when i went to get them & the sales assistant picked them out.
If the old pads were severely worn, you will probably need to undo the cable bolt and re-adjust the brakes as if fitting the whole lot for the first time.

If the new pads are so much thicker than the old ones, just using the barrel adjusters may not give you enough cable slack for the new, thicker pads.
thanks for reply - if I take off some of the washers on the bolt will that help? or do you need to use all the washers?
Quote:thanks for reply - if I take off some of the washers on the bolt will that help? or do you need to use all the washers?

You should use all the washers. You will notice that the washers are in convex and concave pairs, with one pair thicker than the other. If the caliper/lever is way off vertical, leaning away from the wheel, use the thinner pair next to the brake shoe/block and vice versa if the lever is leaning over the wheel. Basically, the calipers/levers should be close to vertical either side of the wheel and the pairs of different thickness washers can be used to fine tune their position.

See here: http://bikeride.com/adjust-v-brakes/
thank u that makes much more sense - sorry for being a thicko! I really didn't think it would be so complicated! was going to attempt to do the bottom bracket too - but not so sure now!

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