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Increase number of gears?
I have been climbing hills on my bike a lot recently and find that my 5 speed doesn't have enough range to tackle hills the way I'd prefer. I was thinking of having the chainring replaced to include 3 gears, complete with derailleur and all else (my chainring only has one gear). How feasible is this and would it help?

Fitting a triple chainset will definitely make it easier on the hills.
If you do fit a triple chainset then you may also have to change the bottom bracket to match.
Obviously you will need to fit a shifter and front dérailleur.
You will more than likely have to change the rear dérailleur to a long cage version, but trial and error will prove that.

You can fit either a Road or MTB chainset depending on how low, and high, you want the gears to be?
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One question: Do you have a internally geared hub (a bike without a rear dérailleur)? If that is the case you need to fit a chain tensioner. Be aware that you cannot do this if you have a hub brake (coaster brake)!

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