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Replacing my forks
hi :-)
i need help on replacing my forks
one of the bolts on the stem is rounded and dont know how to take it off now.

any suggestions please ?
Picture of it (if possible) would help to assist in possible remdies. What kind of bike forks etc.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

if you want better pictures i will take more Smile
any1 have any ideas ?
any1 ?
It actually looks like one of the bolts is completely missing from your A-head stem.

Take a look at this video: http://bikeride.com/adjust-threadless-headset/ this shows you the adjustment procedure. To completely drop the forks out, loosen the stem bolts as shown in the video, but undo the top bolt completely and take the top cap off, the forks should now drop out.

Incidentally, if you lose a bolt, replacements are readily available. If you have no luck at the LBS, try Ebay, you can often find people selling nuts bolts and washers in small quantities. I bought some from this guy in the UK: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/stainlessbolts

What you need there is an M5 cap headed allen bolt, measure the length of the thread on your existing bolt, probably 20mm, which would be M5x20, but check. I always use stainless bolts, they look smart and there's less issues with them getting corroded and stuck into frames etc. Marine grade A4 is best as it's intended for use on boats and to withstand corrosion by sea water.
I assume you mean when you insert the Allen key that it just turns round and round without undoing the top bolt.

1) Try hammering a slightly larger Allen key in. (try an imperial instead of metric).

2) If there is room you could put a sawcut across the head and use a screwdriver. ( 2 hacksaw blades together give a wide enough slot).

3) Drill out the head of the bolt. This will release the tension on the bolt / stem and allow the stem to come off. With a bit of luck the remaining bit of bolt will turn easily and come out completely?
If not it could mean a new stem!
Ride hard or ride home alone!
Man thats nasty but hope is not lost.
If enough sticks out you can try grabbing it with a vise grip

Otherwise Like cycler said first I'd try to cut a slot in it for a screwdriver. Otherwise drill the bolt out with successively larger bit till you can collapse it and get it out. Careful not to damage threads.

There are some pastes out there that help tools grab worn out bolts.
Never Give Up!!!
First thing is sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Guys I was wondering if he could fit a hacksaw blade in the groove if that would work? Have to be VERY very careful though.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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