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Work shop vise packed in grease/oil?
Hey all, ok, so after I got the new Dremel, I couldn't stop there and bought a new Irwin brand mechanic's vise to attach to my work station. When I opened the box, it was totally drenched/covered in a light oil/grease. I mean covered, the handles, the clamps, all of it. Each piece was covered in a plastic, similar to the plastic like you would get when you get a plastic bag at a grocery store. It was brand new, sealed, and never opened. Do all vises come like this? I could see having some of the springs or friction areas coated, but why the entire thing?? I had to wipe it down quite extensively before being able to use it, otherwise my hands and items would've been covered in oil. It wiped off easily and doesn't appear to of left a greasy film or anything. Is this just to keep moisture off it when in transit and to protect the steel? Or did I get some weird reject vise that some crazy guy doused with oil before leaving for work at the factory on a Friday afternoon? Thanks.
I think you have it right. A lot of those will end up sitting on shelves for months and months before finally making it to a customer. The grease/oil is there to protect it.

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