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11-32 vs. 11-34 chain ring
My mountain bike currently has an 11-32 cassette (9 speed SRAM) and a broken chain (SRAM PC 991). I want to replace it with a new chain (same model for simplicity) but I can't find 11-32, only 11-34 (also listed as use with 9 speeds). Will this cause any problems? I'm hundreds of kilometres from the nearest bike store so I don't want to make any mistakes.

Also, should I replace the chain rings when I also replace the chain and cassette?

If anyone has any thoughts on whether or not I should strip the whole setup and go for Shimano instead, that would be good.
Going from 11-32 to 11-34 will just give you a better climbing ratio. No problems. Make sure your chain is long enough. Check Alex's chain replacement video. Should be two links longer.

As for the rest it all depends on condition. Check the sprockets for even, wear. Bad sprockets will wear chain and VS.

You do not say why you are replacing the cassette. Usually the cassette will wear faster than the drive sprockets. However the center drive sprocket on the chainring gets most of the wear. I just replaced the center one on my bike, the other were fine.
Good Luck
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