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Hincapie Gran Fondo
The last time I did a Gran Fondo was about ten years ago. It was well organized to the extent of start/finish/ route but not much other, like food and support. It was maybe only 200 riders. I was contemplating going to Greenville, SC, for this Hincapie ride. I suspect it will be organized very professionally. Has anyone done this or gone to this, or registered?

sounds cool, 40 yrs ago for me..lol hope you do it and let us know how it went
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
I had a friend who participated and was pleased with the way it was run. The only negative comment (aside from cost) was the fact that it is a "competition" based ride so a dangerous mix of racers, weekend warriors, casual riders, and vehicles; especially at the start and early in the course. He did not like it as a mixed event and thought it should not entail any awards being given, or it should be run as a race and nothing less. He said he would rather just ride the area on his own without dealing with all the expenses and bike traffic. My experience is that regardless of the type of event there will always be "racers" trying to "win" even without awards so it goes with the territory, and if you are not a seasoned rider you may not be comfortable in a crowd of cyclists jockeying for position.

I would do it, but for the overall cost including travel (approx. $400) unless going with a couple other riders to help defray expenses. Yes, you get a "free" shirt, but I have enough cycling shirts already; and a bottle of wine which I can get anywhere.
It also coincides with my annual organized century rides in Gainesville FL, and unless you don't work you need to take at least one off since the ride is on Friday (why?). The Gainesville rides are on the weekend so no work loss (Santa Fe gravel ride on 10/22 and Horse Farm Hundred on 10/23. I guess they could call them "gran fondos" too, but we're not in Italy either.
I would rather spend $50 to ride 100 miles, than have to spend $400 to drive 850 miles just to ride for a few hours. Plus, not my style to worry about having "catered" food at every stop when I wouldn't be eating anyways. I'll have saved over $350 which will allow for bike maintenance, supplies, etc.; not to mention the loss of a weekend just driving (14hrs).
Probably a nice change of pace for Floridian riders who get no hill work and want to see the sights; just as long as they can ride some substantial hills over a long distance.

So if anyone is interested in a doing a century or 2 in Gainesville I would take it as a reasonable substitute while saving you hundreds of dollars.
Take care,

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