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1977 Raleigh Competition GS thoughts
The below pic and info is for a bike I bought this last week for $150, the paint and info given is all correct except for a couple of odd things. First off, the bike is in really good condition for its age, the paint just needs a light buffing, as does the chrome, but there is no pits or rust on the chrome parts on the frame or on the steel frame, in fact, the only rust I've found is on bolts and nuts. The saddle is original with very little if any wear, I don't even see sit bone indentations! The pump is supposedly original, but it's not a Zefal but rather a Bluemel that is period correct for the bike, but the pump is shot, which I think a Zefal rebuild kit should fix it since it appears the stuff inside is the same as my vintage Zefal, either I rebuild it or buy a new Zefal for it. There are two components which are on the bike that are both period correct but not in the specs below. The first one is the rear derailleur, it's a period correct Shimano Crane instead of the Campy Gran Sport, and the brake levers are Weinman however they have the bar levers attached which I don't see in the photos. Everything else is factory stock, even the wheels, which looked like they'd never been used because there are no brake marks on them. The bar tape is not original, probably the original ones fell apart and the seller put new ones on to make it look a bit better; the gum rubber hoods on the levers are cracked like crazy, and he put on Bontrager A1 Hardcase tires, cheap tires but they'll do. I forgot, the plastic chain guard on the rear gear cluster is broken to pieces, which I'll just remove, and the chrome chainring guard the chrome has flaked off in most areas, so I'll probably just remove it as well.

I find it odd that someone would have replaced the rear Campy Gran Sport derailleur with a period correct Shimano Crane; the brake levers maybe the rider felt safer with the bar lever option?

Can anyone tell me more about this bike? The bike fits which is why I got it, so this is not going to be a flipper, but I do want to get it back to original as best as I can, I don't think what I need to do will cost me much.

What is this bike worth? from what I could tell I got a great price on it.

I appreciate any information anyone might have.


Wag more, bark less

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