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Worlds greatest climb road!
Okay potentially a very divisive topic here so stay calm [please].
We here in Europe believe we have it all when it comes to cycling incredible climb roads - by that i mean location (scenery), altitude, road surface and of course switchbacks! (please note, historic not included). To name a few are: Passo Dello Stelvio [Italy], Alpe d'Huez [France], Transfagarasan Pass [Romania], Bealach na Bà [Scotland] ...every year I am lucky enough to cycle these and many more incredible climbs all over Europe while taking groups on holidays and challenges throughout Europe and i can't imagine that there are many better roads anywhere else in the world.
I now reach out to all you everywhere and anywhere in the world to tell me a climb you have ridden that you think should be up there on the list of the worlds greatest climbs... maybe we could create the ultimate road climb bucket list! - photos good too 👍
[Image: Applecross-Pass.jpg]
Bealach na Bà [Scotland]
MD @europeancyclingtours

[Image: ECT-logo-770x607px-no-bg.png]
Great topic, thanks for creating one, Jason!
For now, I will add Timmelsjoch pass in Tyrol, Austria with an altitude of 2509m. It's a part of the annual Otztal Marathon bike race.

photo: Adobe Stock
Merida Scultura 5000 (2015)
Merida Big Nine 400 (2019)
The Story Road entrance at Rocky River Reservation Metropark is 130ft elevation concentrated over a half-mile.

Over summer, I climbed it in the pro gear using 44t oval ring and 11-21t 10 speed Dura Ace.

But I mean, it took everything I had to finish in those gears.

Definitely one of the more challenging climbs around here.

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