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Campagnolo Atlanta Quandary

After a holiday in Italy last year where I rented a vintage colnago with Campagnolo Atlantas, I was convinced that over the next year I was going to build up a Campag vintage bike of my own.
Fast forward a year, I managed to build up a Giant Cadex with full campag 10sp with a set of Zondas.

Last week I managed to pick up some Campagnolo Atlantas with Record Hubs and was thrilled.

Then, I realised that the freehub bodies weren't compatible and so it would not be an easy ride.

I see my options as:
- Convert to 8 speed, get an Exa Drive casette & groupset. Whack an 8speed modern cassette on the Zondas for when I want to use those, too. (Expensive)
- Have the rear re-built with a 10speed hub. (I am struggling to find a 36 spoke hub which is 10sp which I could use -- if one exists)

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a way out of the s***show I've gotten myself into Smile

Many thanks for your time, it's my first post here so apologies if I've contravened any of the rules!
hello Karl and welcome to Bikeride!
probably @Jesper or someone else can help you with Campagnolo. from my side - I'd love to see a photo of your new Giant Cadex acquisition.
Wish I could provide some insight to the OP. I do not mix and match indexed Campy systems (or others for that matter) because of compatibility issues. I'm sure others out there might provide better advice than myself. I also don't really use indexing because I prefer friction and I am not seriously racing so it provides nothing I need at my age and for my expected use. I do use index system parts, but I am utilizing them with friction shifting so no concerns there. I have never ridden a bike with EXA drive; Campy's 9 speed Record is my only Campy indexed system I presently have, but it is a complete group so no issues; excellent performing system. Rethinking, I might have a Chorus 9 or 10 speed on something. A couple complete Dura-Ace set-ups used for period builds.
Hope you are able to put something together that works well.
Take care,

"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS

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