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27 1/4 to 700c conversion
Hello everybody! Im new to the forum and I think bikes are what make people happy Tongue .

Anyways im currently converging my panasonic sport 1000 to 700c. Ask me why im just dumb haha, love the frame for some odd reason but eventually wanna get a new frame. Currently on the bike I have a full tiagra groupset (besides brakes, have longer arm brakes) the only problem i am having is with the holes for the brakes to go into the frame. They are a bit too narrow and wanted to see the best way i can get around that.

Im thinking i can drill a slighlty bigger hole in the frame for them to go through but wanted to hear advice from people who maybe have done something like this before


Attached is what the bike look like    

I have never done this before, but there should always be concern about how your fabrication effects the integrity of frame.

Possibly, you should seek out a different brake set. At worst, you can get the Odyssey 1999 brakes, which are single pivot side-pull, and will be fully compatible with your aero levers. Just measure to make sure the reach will give you clearance.

A pair of Dia-Compe DL800 dual-pivot brakes should also do the trick very well.

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