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FSA Modular Crank Thread Pitch [Solved]
Does anyone know the thread pitch for FSA Modular cranks?

I had an issue with a faulty installation using a Cannondale Spider. Despite using the same direct mount profile, the spider was not contoured to the crank properly. This caused the lockring to jump crossthreaded during the fastening process, and stripped out the lockring thread.

Note this incompatibility for Cannondale spiders to prevent the same issue to happening to you.

I would like to tap the thread and restore it. I know the thread is an M35 but I'm not sure if the pitch is 1.0 or 0.5.

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Nevermind. I was able to get the information from FSA.

For anyone interested, the thread pitch is 1.0.

So the tap needed is 35M x 1.0

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