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Poll: Have you Ever Tried an Electric Bike?
Have you Ever Tried an Electric Bike?
Hello, bike riders!
Are you sceptical, neutral or excited about electric bikes?
Have you ever tried riding one? What are the reasons for yes/no?

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i have not tried one yet, i've been interested in E-Bikes for a few years now, but haven't been able to afford one yet. I'm looking forward to when I can finally ride one!
I love to try one to see how it works and see how far I can go with it!
Ebikes are here to stay! I LOVE riding mine!
I haven't tried an e-bike yet. But there are lots of hills in my neighborhood that limits how far I can ride my bicycle without a struggle. So this might be just the right bike for me.
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I love bicycling and I’m more than ready to try an electric bike.
Never tried one but they look very inviting!
I have ridden an electric bike with a battery pack that was solar charged (also could be wall outlet charged). It happened to be the prototype built by an engineering student and had some interesting features, but the whole set-up was mounted on an improper frame for its use. Battery pack was mounted high on the frame giving poor handling due to the high center of gravity; the bike almost fell over (I caught it!) while on its kick stand. The frame was very heavy with all the included equipment making it a bear to pedal if you had no charge left. I see that newer ebikes with a design dedicated to their use generally have the battery located very low on the frame (and preferably somewhat centered front to back) giving a better top to bottom weight ratio in regards to handling, but frames still tend to be on the heavier side even without the running gear. I would like to see an ebike designed as a lightweight racer with the motor providing enough primary drive and/or assisted drive to give the rider a break when needed, but would be light enough for unassisted cycling and not provide any extra load to the drive train when pedalling (e.g. 18-22 pound racing bike with about 5-10 pounds added for the battery and motor, etc). Even at my advanced age I do not want something that cannot take me as far as I can normally travel by pedal power alone (40-50 miles at 17 mph average speed).

I do think that ebikes serve a very good purpose in many respects, and applaud the continued design upgrades I have seen over the past few years. Of course, for them to have a real impact for the average rider of limited financial means, they need to come down in price by about 50%. I think that like most quality bikes nowadays they are vastly overpriced for what they provide considering the plus $1000 price tag for most models out there. The Walmart ebikes (any department store bike for that matter) always scare me regarding quality and durability over cost regardless of who assembled them, but if they can sell ebikes in the $500-$750 range than other companies whose primary business is ebike manufacture and sales should be able to do much better then what present price levels show.
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I haven't tried yet because the cost of them is still a bit out of my budget.
I tested one at our local bike shop. I haven't purchased one yet mainly because of the cost and being hesitant about losing the benefit of not getting the exercise.
i rode one that is part of our Cities bike program.. they rent them and you pick one up at a stand in town and you can leave it at another stand anywhere in town.. they send people around to pick up the bikes that are running low on charge or need maintenance, and otherwise its yours to use for whatever time period you rent it for.. i think $15 for the day...
Looking to buy one soon
Have not tried one, but see them around often enough to be interested.
No but would love to try it out
No, I haven't tried one.
I would try an electric mountain bike if one a mountain multiple-day tour. Otherwise, it's too early for me to have/own one on daily basis. Gotta get that exercise on a road bike.
I just bought a Shengmilo MXO2S.
It’s outstanding
(05-05-2021, 09:24 AM)Nicholas Wrote:  Hello, bike riders!
Are you sceptical, neutral or excited about electric bikes?
Have you ever tried riding one? What are the reasons for yes/no?

Join the poll and let's discuss e-bikes Wink
I'm excited about electric bikes!!! I've never ridden one but I really believe that an electric bike would help me tremendously as well as help the environment for the future!!!
Too much "cyclist pride" so I have not
"Carbon is faster"
No I've never ridden one, but like most people I find it intriguing. As my knees get worse with age it's becoming more and more appealing as my desire to be outside grows but my knees won't cooperate.
(05-05-2021, 09:24 AM)Nicholas Wrote:  Hello, bike riders!
Are you sceptical, neutral or excited about electric bikes?
Have you ever tried riding one? What are the reasons for yes/no?

Join the poll and let's discuss e-bikes Wink

I got one on Amazon for $674 and it works with a 350 watt motor and a removable 8AH 36V battery on a heavy solid mountain bike with 27 gears and pedal assist. The appear to have discontinued this in favor of a similar bike for around $850 with a 5oo watt motor and a removable 12 AH 48V battery this might be worth knowing if you find the prices detrimental. It arrived from N.J. a week after I ordered it in a large cardboard box delivered by FedEx. It is labelled as a VIVI electric mountain bike. It work OK but there is too much road construction for me to go far now.

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