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Cannondlale R111? R600?
Hey all,
Went to ride a Cannondale today. Pictures are attached, Thinking about picking it up. Here's the sale description:
Cannondale R600

""Top tube is 55cm c-c
Seat tube is 53cm c-t
It’s a full Campagnolo 8 speed group, the shifters are Chorus but everything else I’m not sure because Campagnolo didn’t brand their drive train back then.
Carbon seat post
Cane Creek headset
Deda Newton stem
Sela Italia saddle.

Just got a full tune up and new bar tape, bike is fully functional, ready to ride.""

Thing fit like a glove and turned like it was on rails. Light as a feather. Cost $350. Given the my description and pictures below, would you pay that?

My Description: Vin suggests this is either a 1993 or 1998 but I have no idea what R111 means. Frame is scratched in parts but straight and no dents or warping. Doesn't come with peddles. Saddle worn and needs replacing soon but the guy said he'd throw in a new one. the 8 spd has two bottom teeth that feel practically the same and I'll be climbing in SF every now and then but mostly commuting from Golden Gate Park area to the Tenderloin and then to Dogpatch. How will that work out? This was my first time using campys with fractional adjustments at the front. I liked it but it would take some getting used to. When both brakes are applied while stationary and the biked is rocked back and forth there seem to be a blunt creaking sound that doesn't emanate from the brakes, unless my hearing is funny. Is that worrisome?
The seller: A cyclist with well kempt bikes and organized garage. Don't like to base these things off character, but for what it's worth. He was knowledgable and gave this noob the low down on old campy shifters.


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