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Singlespeed freewheel chain compability
Hi Guys,
I would appreciate some advice on choosing the right chain for a new singlespeed freewheel 16T. I have a Campagnolo crankset that is 1/8" and use Izumi chain of the same width. I'm currently on Sturmey Archer 17T 1/8" freewheel but I'd like to upgrade to 16T. All the quality 16T freewheels I found are made for 3/32" chains for example Box Buzz. Halo Clickster can supposedly accept 3/32 or 1/8" chains. My question is whether 3/32" freewheel is compatible with 1/8" chains?
Many Thanks
(02-28-2021, 01:49 PM)Luk Wrote:  My question is whether 3/32" freewheel is compatible with 1/8" chains?
Many Thanks

Welcome Luk,

You can use the 1/8" chain on 1/8" and 3/32" drive cogs (front and rear); but not a 3/32" chain on 1/8" drive cogs; use only on 3/32" cogs.
Using 1/8" chain with either the front, the rear, or both cogs at 3/32" will potentially cause a little more noise while pedalling. I don't think it causes any more undo wear, but 3/32" alloy cogs wear quicker due to being thinner at the tip of the teeth. You won't have much wear on steel cogs, or single speed set-ups given a proper chain line; more wear on multispeed bikes primarily on the front alloy cogs.
Take care,

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Thanks Jesper!
really helpful.
I will give it a go with 1 1/8" chain fitted on 3/32" freewheel.

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