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Fausto Coppi Gilco frameset
I just scored on my first "GILCO" frame from a friend in Europe. It is an '80s Coppi brand frame design, repainted with fully chromed fork that needs a little TLC. I have never ridden one before and I am curious as to other's opinion of that tubeset. I am happy to not have a "run of the mill" Colnago Master frame; something a little different always appeals to me more even if not the more popular (and thus more expensive) choice. All main tubes are "GILCO". I have not received shipment of it, but I am anxious to give it a ride. My size 51.5 cm, and price: $300 with shipping included. This will be a full 'restore' in the end due to its present repaint (red) and condition; no rust or other damage. I will forego decals because I just do not care and my paint scheme for it would be ruined by decals in my opinion; let the next owner do it that justice. I do not care if anyone knows what I am riding at this point when out on the road and trails.

Hopefully I will be able to post photos of it shortly upon arrival.

I do expect to spend a little more time here after a couple months break and with my time at work being reduced a bit (read as: reduced stress!).

Thank you for any insight you folks have regarding these types of frames.
Take care,

"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS
I would still install decals if you can get them. Why not? I have looked at your other builds and you seem to favor an original look excepting some period components.
Ride Fast, Be Safe!
(02-18-2021, 01:27 PM)Criminal Wrote:  I would still install decals if you can get them. Why not? I have looked at your other builds and you seem to favor an original look excepting some period components.

Let me answer your question:

First, I have no reference as to what the decals for this frame look like (does anyone know?). It would appear to be a fairly rare frame as I have yet to see another example, thus I don't know what the original decals looked like. There is one on eBay that has been also been repainted, so again not a reference as to OE decals.
Second, out of all the decal sets I have seen available (black, blue, yellow, green, white), none would really compliment my expected paint scheme (orange and black); repaint is red. I may add a headbadge decal ($10) or metal badge plate ($70!, probably not).
Third, due to the "star" shaped tubing, decals do not look very good close up due to having to conform to the odd tubing shape.
Fourth, the paint job will be expensive enough since it will be custom to the frame tubing in order to accent the tube indentations.
Fifth, I am putting some pantograghed components on it. I already have a seatpost ($50, not bad), and looking at a stem ($110 steep!, probably not getting it).
Sixth, I am trying to keep this build under $1250; it adds up quick. Right now $300 (including shipping) frameset, panto'd post $50, paint job $300, vintage Campagnolo parts mixed groupset/wheels (Croce d'Aune, Chorus, C-Record, Record) $400, Cinelli/3t cockpit/San Marco Rolls saddle $150, misc. $50 (bar tape, headbadge decal, beer). Panto'd stem adds about $70 over a plain stem, decal set $25-$50, custom bar tape adds $20. Presently accepting "GoFundMe" donations for added costs if someone wants to get this bike to a 100% original restoration; just kidding!
Already having all the parts makes it easy to spend more, but I can't forget the time and money already expended gathering components over the past few years, not to mention ongoing projects. I need to sell a few frames I do not expect to build-up in the next year or so to recoup some cash; if so I may go a bit farther on this build's budget.
Normally I am not painting a frame if it has original paint and decals regardless of condition, except for preservation purposes. This could easily be a $2000 project, but only have a value of around $1500 for sales purposes. I prefer to budget my builds to achieve an approximate even value (+/- $50-$100) as to money spent and resale value. Since I got the frame for about $200 less than general value it helps cover the paint work which I generally do not figure in for expenses since I rarely paint a frame; only twice out of over 50 frames.

Edit: Here is an example I found, but it is unknown if it had original decals and paint. It appears to be original, but curious that there are no seat tube decal remnants (there are remnants on the top tube), and no fade paint scheme on that tube as there is on the rest of the frame. That frameset is/was going for $500.
Also, upon seeing that design, I would prefer an incorrect decal set from earlier years.

Take care,

"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS
I have received the frameset and discovered it was actually an ESA Columbus (I guess actually termed ESACOLNAGO tubing) tubed frame having 6 flutes vice the 4 on a Colnago Master. This is a plus since the ESA tubing was not used very long by Colnago (Regal and ESA Mexico models for only a couple years). I will post photos when I get a chance; it's still in wrapping. Also, it is white and not red as I was originally told (I had not seen it directly when bought) which is fine since I have a few red bikes in the stable already. I might keep the white for now (job seems professionally done, and in very good condition) until I decide on a final finish; copper plated is a strong possibility if the price is right.
Take care,

"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS

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