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Freewheel hubs
Blog novice alert! First time on a blog! I have a question and hope this is the proper venue. . . And hope I can find the response should one be given. Can I take my 10 cassette disc wheel and switch it to a 9 cassette and use it on an 18-speed bike?
Who's make of Cassette?
If it's a Shimano cassette then yes.
Not sure if it's a Campag' one?
Some companies make conversions so you should be able to find a solution.
Ride hard or ride home alone!
Shimano - yes. You would just need a 9 speed cassette and shifter. (Unless the wheel has a Dura Ace aluminum freehub - unusual)

I'm not sure on Campag either. But their 9 and 10 cassettes appear to have the same overall width, so I would think it should swap fine.

If you are mixing Campag shifter with wheel made for Shimano or vice versa, you would need to get a "conversion" cassette to work properly.

See: http://sheldonbrown.com/k7.html
Looks like it will not be an issue, but thanks for your help, guys.


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