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Pivot Bearings for 2015 Norco Range C 7.3 (360 Lock)

First post to this community, but I’ve been enjoying the reading.

During this time in isolation I’ve been trying to step up my mechanic game from clueless to novice.

As I’ve gotten to greasing My pivot bearings I’ve run into a couple of observations and issues.

1) Norco is petty tight lipped and not very friendly via email.

2) pretty limited technical documents or small parts lists for prior to 2017

3) The 360 lock on two of the nuts for pivots has gotten me stumped.
I’ve been able to access the bolt side of the main pivot and have greased that bearing. That said, I’ve been unable to remove the nut side. It seems as though the nut is attached to the spacer on the inside of the bearing.

Any ideas about how to unstuck this sucker?

As a side note, I’ve been in contact with a London based company about getting bearing presses and pullers machined for this year, but I’ve been unsure about the bearing sizes necessary for 2015. They seem pretty legit and willing to design a custom kit if they have the measurements.


Any resources for technical documents for the 2015 Range C 7.3, bearing sizes or insights into useful resources would leave me very grateful.

Thanks for your time y’all.

Chris from Hood River OR.

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