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New to Cycling, Looking for ear protection.
Hell all, I have a nice road bike, going back and forth to work with it, However, I have very bad Tinnitus in both my ears, and the wind rushing past them during my bike ride Really aggravates it and it's almost debilitating. I bought a headband, but the material is not think enough and doesn't block all the wind.
Just for information, it's not that the wind is going IN my ear, or else I would just wear earplugs or something, but the wind rushing past my ears vibrates them and aggrivates it.

Thank you for any help!
Hello. Welcome to cycling! Commuting by bike is the best Smile
Can you show me the headband? I am very prone to ear pain from biking in the cold and it made me wear headbands too. Knitted ones with fleece, works well.

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