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Best tire/tube protection from flats
Any opinions on what the best method of protection from thorns, glass, etc. either on or off road is, e.g. Slime sealent, strips, pre-slimed tubes, etc., in terms of protection level and less hassle?
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I personally recommend a kevlar-lined tire like the Schwalbe Marathon. I've used my pair for years with no flats... they last!
Stay away from the slime sealants... a lot of mess and they don't work that well.
Several members of our MTB group go with tubeless tyres (the tyre is it's own inner tueb), and they claim they've never had a puncture because the tyre is so thick (this can be a little pricey though depending upon what you buy). They are available in road form as well I believe and possibly freeride (which may be better for general purpose, but ask someone in your bike shop for the best tyre for your needs).

I've had good luck with tire liners which are basically a kevlar strip you put inside a non-kevlar belted tire. Especially on mtn tires. They won't protect from sidewall cuts, but will stop most thorns and small glass. Note also they won't stop pinch flats. Agreed on sealants - waste of time.

I have tried tire liners, slime, <a href="http://www.aushiker.com/2008/05/continental-ultra-gatorskin-700c-x-25mm/">Continental Gatorskins</a> and now have <a href="http://www.aushiker.com/2008/11/continental-grand-prix-4000-s-black-chilli-owner-review/">Continental Grand Prix 4000 S “Black Chilli” tyres</a> on my dry weather weekend warrior and now a Vittoria Randonneur on the rear of my commuter (all weather).
I am happy with the combination on the Look 555 and with the commuter running a Vittoria Randonneur or a Schwalbe Marathon as Alex suggested on rear and a "normal" road tyre (e.g., Vittoria Zaffiro) on the front seems to be working well for me now.
At the end of this thread at <a href="http://bicycles.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4185">Bicycles Network Australia</a> you can see my ranking with the Black Cat Smile
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Hi, punctures are a problem; they do ruin a bike ride. The bike that I use for 'getting around town' came with Geax Roadster tyres. These served me well until they started to wear, then I started to get regular punctures. I replaced them with Continental Contact tyres. I then got three punctures in ten days. I couldn't get rid of the Continental tyres quick enough. Not only did I find their tyres poor, I found their after sales service very poor; they didn't honour their guarantee. On the advice of a mate, I put some Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres on my bike. The Pluses have done nearly 7,000 kilometres. I have not had a puncture; nor have I had any other problems -- they're bullet-proof. I very much recommend them.


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