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Front derailleur - high gear
On my new bike, my front derailleur doesn't seem to be able to get into high gear. I can go on low and medium but not high gear.
It seems the chain doesn't get pushed far enough to get into high gear, because it looks like it is nearly being able to click into high gear because I keep hearing the gear changing noise.
How can I fix my problem?
Thank you for reading and responding to my problem.
PS. I'm totally new to adjusting stuff on my bike, so can the instructions be very user friendly.

It sounds like your high limit adjustment screw could be too tight. Try loosening it a bit as explained in this video (at about 1:18):

How do I know which screw is the high limit and which is the low limit?
The screw that is closer to the frame changes the chain pushing thingy and the screw that is closer to the pedal changes but I cant see what changes happen.
I switch between medium and low with no problems, it is just high gear that is unaccessible.

The screw furthest from your chain is usually the high limit. Try loosening it half a turn at a time and then try shifting up to the largest chainring again.
<img src="http://bikeride.com/images/bike/front-derailer.jpg" alt="Front Derailleur" />

Should I tighten it all the way up? then slowly do half turns because I have tightened and loosened both screws countless times in both directions.
Is there a test to see which screw is which?
Because mine seems to be opposite of the picture shown, if I followed where you said "the screw furthest away from the chain is the high limit"

No I wouldn't tighten it all the way. Try loosening it off as much as possible until the chain shifts onto the largest gear and then tighten it until it still shifts up, but not enough to push the chain off into your pedals.
On some derailleurs the screws are opposite, so you may have to test each one to see what it does. Sometimes they are marked 'L' and 'H'

My front derailleur doesn't have any marks of 'H' and 'L' but my rear one does.
do I follow that?
What does the high limit do? Does it deal with high gear?<br />
What does the low limit do? Does it deal with low gear?
What about the medium gear?
I took off my back wheel, now when I try to put it on it doesn't seem to go on straight, when I spin the wheel it looks like it wobbles from side to side. I have tighten the bolts.

For an explanation of the limit screws, check the following video at about 1:18
And here's some tips for truing the wheel:


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