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Advise- Wide Tire Size and Rim width
My road bike came with 327 Oval Concepts wheels 27mm Shallowcross section ,24mmW x 27mmT rim 19mm Inner width with 700x23c tires

I am currently running 700x25C on a 22mm external and 17mm inner width rim. Inflated (120PSI) the tires grow a tiny bit over 1mm to 26C and I still have around 2.5-3mm clearance on the rear and around 4mm for sure on the front. I tried my best measuring but the clearance is at the minimum and the best I could do.

I ordered a set of wide wheels with External 24mm and 18.9 Inner width ( I did not realise the internal width until after the order was processed so I am getting the wheels sometime today or tomorrow. I know I can fit 25c tires and don't know if it's recommended with that 18.9mm internal width, but I would like to put a bigger/wider tire like a 26C which will grow 1-2mm once inflated. Do you think it will be possible to squeeze in a 26c in this scenario?..or should I just stick to 25c's?

Thanks for your input
typically you see riders fitting 700x23 or 25 on these Oval rims, that is the safe road. However, from my experience it should be possible to fit also 26C (who knows, even 28??), but I am not sure about the (long term) effect . Would be interesting to hear your feedback in case you decide to go with 26 and have had the first rides on them.

Also, exactly which tires are you using/planning to use?

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