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Waterford R-33 - Selling Advise

I was recently directed to this forum to seek some advise. I'm hoping to tap into some knowledgeable folks because I'm a bit out of my element.

I'm looking for some advice in pricing and selling my Waterford R-33 (from '03 I believe). A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to buy this gorgeous bicycle second hand. Unfortunately, it is just not the right bike for me. I rarely use it and I find it uncomfortable and inconvenient for the city riding that I typically do. I've decided to sell it and purchase a new bike more suited to my needs.


Overall, the bike is in good shape. There are no dents or major scratches on the frame. There is a small patch of rust where the seat tube meets the down tube, and then a couple of smaller ones on the underside of the chainstays. The bike would need a tune-up and maybe new tires, but I figure that anyone buying a bike like this would be doing that regardless.

I have done my best to identify and price out each component, listed below. I based this information off of their original MSRP. I understand these prices are for older components, but they were at least useful to me in understanding the bike better.

Component - Make And Model - Price
Frame - Waterford R-33 560 Road Racing - $2,400
Fork - Easton Carbon Fiber EC90 Superlite - $150
Seat - Stella Flite TT - $130
Seatpost - Bontrager Carbon Fiber Race X Lite - $100
Handlebar - Ritchey WCS TR X50 - $50 (?)
Stem - Ritchey WCS 4-Axis 100mm - $90
Rims - Mavic Open Pro - $80
Hubs - Shimano Ultegra - $60
Tires - Continental Grand Prix 700x28c - $40
Groupset - Shimano Ultegra - $1,000 (?)
Pedals - Shimano PD A600 - $110

So how would you recommend I go about selling it? Are the components valuable/desirable enough that I should part it out and sell them individually? Craigslist would be the simplest, as I can avoid shipping. Is Pinkbike the right place to sell a road bike? Ebay? Reddit? I'm not sure how one goes about shipping a bicycle, but I imagine that keeping that as an option opens up to a much larger market. Is shipping a bike a huge hassle?

How much money should I be asking for? I have no experience in this market, so its hard for me to set a reasonable asking price.

All said and done, I want this amazing bike to wind up in the hands of a new owner who will use it to its full potential. I'd love to hear your thoughts and advice on the matter. Thank you!

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So I know this post is four months old, but I figure I'd respond. I think it is very difficult to sell these older high end bikes on Craigslist and the like, not many people there are looking for an older $1,000.00 plus, bike. That being said I would try and sell it by word of mouth. Have you contacted Waterford and obtained the original build sheet, good documentation (S/N is on the bottom of the Bottom Bracket shell)? They are very helpful. I may also ask them if there is a way to sell it (not sure where you are located). Another option might be to check The Pros Closet, they buy used high end bikes. One of the reasons I responded to this email was because I just bought (1 week ago) a Waterford 2200 (built in Dec of 1999), the frame and paint are like new. It needed new tires, new seat and I put a new set of cranks on (wanted a compact drive, the old ones were fine). I paid $470.00 (not what you want to hear I imagine). The guy started out at $1,500.00 last spring, and has been lowering his price till last week. The trick will be to find someone that wants a Waterford...

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