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Help with front wheel hub
I have been working on a road bike I found in the shed. The front wheel barely turns when I listened to the seat and tried to take it apart. It is a Viscount hub and has a quick release. The threads on one side of the axle where the nuts come off are bent and cannot get the nuts removed. Also, I don't see how the rest of the axle would come off even if I got them removed. Is there a trick with older hubs like this? I spent so much time getting the wheel trued and replacing broken spokes that I would almost hate to find a new wheel, but maybe I should chalk that up to the learning experience. Any suggestions?

If the threads on one side are stripped, try removing everything from the other side. If you're lucky, you'll be able to do everything needed without removing the nuts from the stripped side.
Once the locknut and cone are removed, the axle will slide out the other side and you can get at the bearing (watch out that you don't drop/lose any of the bearings). Clean out the old grease, repack with fresh, and put it back together. If there is pitting on the surfaces in the hub or on the cone shaped inner nut where the bearings roll, those parts (and the bearings) really should be replaced. If everything looks smooth, it should just be that the old grease had hardened or the the nuts were overtightened.
When putting everything back together, the key adjustment is getting the tightness of the cone nut right. It should be as loose as possible, but where you do not get any side to side play on the axle. The locknut then holds that position.
good luck

Thanks for the response. The thing about this particular wheel, is that it does not appear to have a cone nut. I took off the nuts and there was a rubber washer that covered where the bearings are. It appears to hold 7 bearings. I am not sure if this is an older wheel that can't be repaired or if there is a trick to getting it out. I read somewhere on the net that some wheels have cartridges.

If you can see the bearings, it is not a cartridge type bearing. The rubber washer is probably just a dust cover. It isn't really "holding" the bearings in, although it is a little tougher to remove and clean the bearings while it is on there. If that is what it is, you can put a flat screwdriver into the hole in the center and under one edge. Push down on the screwdriver handle and it should just pop out.
The "cone" is the innermost nut on the axle that is flat on the outside and angled or "cone shaped" on the inner side. That is the surface the bearings actually roll against. Unless we're talking about very different things, you definately have one of these on each side.
I think this site has a good video about hub maintanance. You might want to take a look. These things can be a little confusing to describe in words. But once you see a picture, it should make a lot more sense.

<a HREF="http://bikeride.com/overhaul-wheel-bearings/">Overhauling wheel bearings</a><br />
<a HREF="http://bikeride.com/freehub-body/">Replace a freehub body</a>

Why is it that they make adult bikes that'll generally work for 5'9" or above, yet when you pedal these same bikes they only work for someone who is 5'4" or so?
I appreciate all the help. I am wondering if the wheel is just so overworn and maybe the axle is bent as I have tried and tried to get the axle out and I have had no luck. I have looked up several different things on the hub, and I did read somewhere how they are hard to overhaul. I do not see a cone nut at all to get it out. I am going to attach a picture of it to see if it helps. It was taken with my cell phone so it is not great quality, but I did what I could to make it easier to see.
I stand corrected! A little hard to tell from the photo, but I think you may be right that this is a cartridge bearing. If so, the bearings and races are pressed intot eh hub and will be a little tricky to remove without the right tools. The inner nut on the axle still has to be adjusted properly to have just the right tension on the bearings, but it would not have a cone shape since it is pushing on the whole assembly and not just the actual ball bearings.
You might try flushing the bearings with some solvent, allow them to dry completely, relubricate and reassemble. You may be able to do this without having to take the bearing out. But if that doesn't help, you may need to take it in to a shop for help replacing the bearings.
Sorry for the runaround and good luck

Thanks for all the help. I thought they may be cartridge bearings. I will try to flush them out and see what I can do.

Hi Buzz,
The bearings in the photo are not cartridge as such but plain roller bearings. You should have one on each side. If this is the case you can easily remove them with the help of a soft hammer or piece of wood.
Just lightly tap one end of the axle and it will "drive" the bearing out along with the axle. The remaining bearing can be tapped out from the opposite side using a soft round tube or even the axle itself. Don't use excessive force to remove as damage will result.
Check first that the bearings are the same size. When removed you can take them to a general bearing sales outlet and if they are standard sizes may cost only a few dollars each. Replace the seals also. Use a light waterproof grease on reassembly.


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