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Working on a Genesis V2100
I like the current frame of the V2100, its why I purchased it last June. Also, I am by no means a "serious" mtb'r and former dirt/vert rider, but being older now I generally ride in the city but dont care much for road bikes as sometimes I like to trail ride, so, that being said I do plan on upgrading everything on this frame, but not with any expensive components ofc.

My main question - Are there any decent BB/cranksets that will fit this frame...SRAM...anything other than the stock garbage, and yes I noticed that all hardware and components are junk.
I have seen other V2100 with upgraded shocks, front and rear so know thats not an issue, and ofc wheel set is basically a no brainer unless your a serious enthusiast.

Im assuming this would get me started, Shimano UN55 68 113 BB Square Taper Bottom Bracket?

Any and all information is gladly appreciated, Thank you.

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