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Virtue Seven Review
Virtue Bicycle Co. Model Seven. The company has been around for about 5 years now. I picked up a couple Sevens to check out. They have a way of bringing the retro- style back and the prices are not that bad for what you get. you get a full Chromoly frame and fork, every tube. The sealed bearing hubs are some of the smoothest i have seen in this price range. Alloy bars, Alloy chain guard, double wall wheels. Fenders. for around $399. I was surprised at how light the bike was too. I will update after a couple test rides.
[Image: virtueseven_zpsgx6nja1c.jpg]

Pic not my actual bike, just loved this shot so I am using it for now. I will post my own later.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Not bad at all. The color scheme is pretty stylish.. I see they have a dealer close to me as well.
Unfortunately they only make 2 frame sizes which is odd for a bike manufacturer. Maybe they will expand that soon to other sizes?
"Where ever we go, there we are"
Finally found a little time to start assembly on one of the Virtue "Seven's" I acquired. I have to say so far that I really like what Virtue has to offer with this model overall. The fit and finish though not perfect is very nice. The fact that it is a full Chromoly frame and fork is awesome, not mention lighter than I would have expected considering the fenders are metal. Which fit up quite nice. The seatpost, stem, bars, and headset are also very nice. The hubs are cartridge bearing. Smooth as one would expect on bikes costing 5 times as much. I would say the rims themselves are its only downfall. Very attractive but with uneven lateral runout between braking surfaces. though only noticeable in the truing stand, I had to point this out. The crankset and alloy ring guard are also beautiful and nice. It just begs me to put a chrome bullet headlight and a brass dingy bell on it to top it all off!
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Bob, NICE looking bike.  It seems to be very similar to the Trek 720 I am currently working on.  My 720 is getting trekking bars (I want to try them), Tektro CR720 brakes, 2X8 (52-39; 14-32) with friction thumbies.

Does yours have V-brakes or Dual Pivot side pull brakes?
Mine has the v-brakes, I think I would prefer the dual-pivot instead. Here are some pics so far of the smaller one. you know how I love the treks, great platform to work with. As pictured with the Brooks saddle, kickstand and fenders, this bike comes in @ 28lbs. Pretty pleased with that.
[Image: virtueFull_zpsbr4uje2y.jpg]
[Image: virtue3_zps7ymp18n9.jpg]
[Image: virtue2_zpsihnxnwid.jpg]
[Image: virtue1_zpsxx8s7spr.jpg]
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Dual pivots are certainly more in the character of the bike.

Canti might be a better character match too.....

The rims look alot like Velocity Dyads in external shape.
Overall seems to be a nice riding bike, love the frame and fork. But you still have to like the style of the bike and the stance that goes along with it. Though I can appreciate what the company is doing, they are kinda of a "niche" bicycle. Since I already have a bike sort of like this ( Yongjiu Forever). I think I will convert the other Virtue I have to a higher stem, flatbar, and oust the fenders. I bought these so I could see first hand what the company had to offer, I think the style of bike (The bars) will not go over with most people. Thus affecting resale of the bike. But who knows, I will have some fun with them and find out.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
I have one of the Virtue Seven Bicycles sold but not in standard trim. As I had suspected the porteur style bars were not a hit for most people. They liked the look of the bike but not the ride. Happy with the retro high rise stem and flat bar mod as it totally changes the fit and feel of the bike. So now one always wants to know if a new bike company is worth taking a chance on or not, that being the real reason I purchased these two in the first place. The reviews online are all from the company itself at product shows or some blog pushing the Virtue company to help kickstart the brand. These bicycles are supposed to be sold thru a dealer network. The two I acquired were still in the box, how could this be? well one of the bikes came with the wrong size seat post clamp. Fairly minor set back but offered a good chance to see just how good Virtue Bicycle Co. is to deal with and how far they may go to keep a happy customer. The worst I have ever seen, especially for a new company wanting to make it happen. I spoke to the owner on the phone once, sent the pictures he asked for and never heard back from them. They never responded to multiple emails either. Most company's out there back their products and deal with consumer complaints just to keep good faith if for any other reason. Big mark against Virtue Bicycle Co. on this subject. I have bought my last Bicycle from them. Bottom line is the Seven has a cromo frame, communication with the company is impossible at best. They really do not offer anything special dollar for dollar over the trusted brands. Nice looking bike, I give them that. I am glad it was only a seat post clamp.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Well I got an email from Virtue Bicycle after responding to one of their product reviews on Facebook and posting this review of mine here on BicycleTutor. They apologized for the clamp issue and email problem and said they are sending the clamp today. The wonderful world of the internet, they were on that pretty fast. when the clamp shows up I will edit my posts and give them back a thumbs up! Hopefully it was just a case of mixed up emails and all will be in good standing. I really had high hopes for them and do wish them well. I know it is not easy to bring a new name to the market place when it comes to bicycles.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Here are some pics of the Virtue Seven Modified to what I think would suit most people looking for a stylish 7speed City/hybrid bicycle
[Image: virtuefull_zpsarks7gu0.jpg]
[Image: virtuerear_zpskanltqnr.jpg]
[Image: virtuefront_zps9x0skwpi.jpg]
[Image: virtuebar_zpszirgxchp.jpg]
[Image: virtuebrake_zpsjhqy8xqk.jpg]
[Image: virtuecromo_zpsjkvbzfkp.jpg]

Still retro, still a beautiful bike!
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"

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