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Help overhauling hub
Hi I need help. I'm rebuilding my bike ready for spring and noticed my rear wheel bearings needed changing so took cones off removed. Axel and the non driver side bearing and cassette and I'm struggling to get the other side bearing out I have tried Everything possible they are sealed bearings any help would be great I can post pictures if needed.
If the bearing is clear and only held in place by hub, than you need to heat the hub and than punch the bearing out from opposite side. A propane bottle torch works well.
Never Give Up!!!
Yeah the bearing is clear and it only comes out one way the hub gets smaller on the opposite side and I have nothing to heat it with
There should be no need to heat the hub in order to remove a cartridge bearing. Try Google search for "remove cartridge bearing."
(01-18-2015, 10:21 AM)cny-man Wrote:  There should be no need to heat the hub in order to remove a cartridge bearing. Try Google search for "remove cartridge bearing."


That's true if you have the special tools, however heating the hub for removal and install is a good way to do it. It also prevents damage to the hub. Properly done the bearing can come out and another be installed with light pressure. You may want to take it to a shop they have the tools .

It works very well on motorcycle bearings.......
Never Give Up!!!
Its the bit inside the hub that makes the cassette click when rolling the back wheel I have tried to upload a picture but it was too large I will try resize.
http://www.imagebam.com/image/83955e148366564 same type setup as my hub if you look at the hub body on this you will see a cog looking thing where the bearing goes into its asif that has to come out first before I get the bearing out.
I have put picture of the hub problem im having as my avatar picture
Maybe I'm missing something, but could you not just have done a search for "remove bearing Easton xc one"?? I found lots of guidance that way, including from the manufacturer.


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