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Chain problem
So my bike kind of broke and I adjusted some things to fix it, but then a new problem arose.

The thing that broke and bent badly was the metal that held the two cogs in the back wheel of the bike ( the gear shifting thing) so I bent it back into shape and screwed it back on but whenever I pedal the bike the chains starts going into its cycle but in a few seconds the chain slips off the bottom cog in the gear shift and the chain slowly slips off everything else. Is there anyway I can fix this?[/align]
Based on your wording, it is probably way beyond the tools that you have available to you.

First thing is the rear derailleur hanger (use Google to find images of the items I refer to) needs to be checked for alignment, and most likely adjusted. This is where the special tool comes in to play.

Next you will have to replace your rear derailleur - it will never function properly after bending it back into shape.

While you are at it, replace the rear derailleur cable.

Next comes the rear derailleur adjustment;

The links are to Alex's video on this site.

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