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Shimano XTR m980 shifters problem
Hi, I just buy New Shimano XTR m980 shifters, I took it off from the box and tried to shift up and down. I realized that it's so hard to downshift the right shifter. Other things work amazing.
Would anybody tell me how fix that?
You need to give better information if you want a helpful answer.

1. You only said you took it out of the box - -have you mounted the lever on the handlebar and attached the cable or are you just trying it in your hand?
3. By "downshift" do you mean shifting to larger cogs or smaller?
4. What shifters were on the bike before?
5. Are the derailleurs and cables the same as before?
Thanks, like I said, these are new and I was just trying in my hand, without install them.
By "downshift" I meant shifting to smaller cogs. The other levers shifting are fine.
I did that without cable and it was really hard to downshifting.
Is that normally?
I am not familiar with those particular levers, but I would suggest you install them before making judgments. The derailleur has a spring that pulls on the cable to move it to the smaller cogs, so the action on the lever may well be intentional to counteract the derailleur spring, so that both directions feel about equal when mounted, or it may be to make sure the derailleur does not shift too far. The odds of it being some sort of defect are extremely low. See if it works when mounted then ride!

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