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Refurb assistance needed!
Newbie here to the forum, but I've diddled around with bicycles since clothes-pinning a playing card to flap the spokes, and that was a long time ago. I'm not specifically a bike nerd or wrencher, except, perhaps, when I need to be. I have tons of experience working with all sorts of materials, machines, and processes, plenty of which translate to things bikes need done to them, so can contribute things to this community from that vantage point...

What brings me to this forum is that I accepted a project from a friend to refurbish his son's KMart quality, 16" mini-BMX bike, so he can surprise him with it all fixed up this Christmas. A sweet sentiment, and a job that's right up my alley. But, Houston, we have a problem. I am apparently so inept in my search terms that I've spent the bulk of today trying to find a supplier of commensurate replacement parts.

This poor little thing... It needs complete wheel setups, a set of crank arms, a seat post and saddle, grips, and a mixed bag of fasteners to replace the rusty ones that had been chromed. So, here's my problem: I have had no luck finding a source for these components in lower-quality format. My friend's budget is $300 of so--probably 5 X what t it cost new in 1981, and I'll be compensated for my time, so no, it's not getting a $50 seat or $80 rims. We want it to have the same flavor as before.

If I'm better off finding a newbie to cannibalize, so be it. But I was wondering what the people who are really into this kind of thing would know about sources I could access. Li'l help?
Well, if you want cheap, as far as cables, seat, etc. I'd say Walmart. Look online if not in the store.
Nuts and bolts, local hardware store, although I don't know about chrome ones.
If you can find one to part out even better.
Craig Domingue - East Texas Hick
Well its a project of sentimental value so cost is out. It has been shown here with previous such projects that it is more cost effective to just buy a used bike and take the parts you need. At that budget you can buy a new K Mart special too. Not being sexist, but used girls bikes are in better shape. Check local Craigs list.......
Never Give Up!!!
$300 parts budget is TOUGH. As mentioned about, donor bike is about your only chance.

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