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Cane Creek AD-10 rear shock service/repair - rebound knob broken
Hi there, I have a specific question regarding a Cane Creek AD-10 rear shock on my Santa Cruz Superlight (not that it matters what frame it's strapped to). Anyway, I broke off the rebound knob/screw flush inside the valve/threads. The knob itself is like a little allen screw with a small o ring on the inboard side. My question is assuming that I can find a creative way to remove the screw... it will be tough as it's very small so even drilling it out will likely require my drill press, a jeweler's bit and a few wobbly pops...

Ok back to the question... Does anyone know if these screws can be substituted or purchased from a parts warehouse, etc? I haven't been able to find anything listed under 'Problem solvers' or that nuts and bolts place that seems to have everything. Cane Creek hasn't been much help and I have also spoken with Push Industries but they don't service CC products so were unable to speculate either.

I am thinking that once it's removed, I will pull the compression knob out and measure the pitch and thread count and THEN source the replacement. I could leave it as is but I want to fix it and I can't bring myself to dumping this shock as it's been great (other than this problem which by the way didn't happen as a result of being forced). I simply adjusted the rebound and it snapped off. I used my fingers...

Any help would be appreciated especially if you've ever torn down a CC rear shock.

I feel absolutely terrible having said any poor words on Cane Creek wanting to help me. I must have emailed the wrong guy or perhaps I wasn't clear enough on what I needed help with. I just got off the phone with Eric from their technical department and he was great to deal with. He said that he would rebuild and upgrade the shock to a AD-12 for a minimal fee or he would see if he could find the parts for me (he had nothing showing on his inventory at a glance but wanted to help me further). I gave Eric may ph# and he said he would call me right back. We all know what this could mean based on similar situations. Good to his commitment and reaching far beyond my expectations, he called me back in about 2 minutes! He took my address and said he would mail out a bunch of adjuster screws for me today. This is very exceptional customer service and I wouldn't hesitate to continue to support Cane Creek going forward. I have their headsets (2), rear shock, some canti road brakes, and some hubs as I recall. So far, the only issue I have had is with this shock and seeing it's five years old, their resolution was outstanding.

Hats off to Eric and the good folks at CC! They really impressed me today.


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