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Roadmaster Mt Fury Specs
Hello everyone. I currently have one hybrid (Forge) and one mountain bike (Diamondback). At my mom's house, my family has an old Roadmaster Mt Fury, and I was thinking of fixing it little by little. I do want to do a complete overhaul though just for fun.

Right now I am going to start with the brakes, shifters, seat, grips and possibly crank. I am going to install Shimano ez shifters, new seat, v brakes, and maybe crank on the diamondback, while the parts that are coming off, are going to the roadmaster.

After that though, I am pretty much going to buy the parts for the roadmaster. The parts will include handlebars, seat post, wheels, tires, bottom bracket, freewheel, and derailleurs. Now that I think of it though, I can buy wheels and tires for the diamondback as well and switch the oem wheels to the roadmaster.

Now my question(s):
1) Does anyone know the specs, or know where I can find the specs for the bike? Currently I need to know the bottom bracket size, seatpost size, and handlebar stem size.

2) Would the frame be strong enough for beginner trails, or should I kind of convert it to hybrid (Tires and handlebars)?

I did the math for this, and absolutely know that this project is not very budget friendly. For what I am going to spend, I know I could just buy myself a better bike, however, I would prefer to fix this one up. Also, I don't really want to buy a donor bike and junk another bike to fix mine.
You are not likely to find measurements for the Roadmaster, but one can measure handlebar and seatpost diameters directly. A Google search for "Roadmaster Mt. Fury specs" indicates the Roadmaster came with a one-piece crank, a 5 speed freewheel, plastic brake levers, rear index only, and sold for about $60. In my view it's downright foolish to try an upgrade on that bike, not only financially but due to compatibility problems with more modern components. The only major thing you are not changing is the frame, which is absolute bottom of the barrel. Fix it up a bit for practice, sell it and buy something decent. Even with the Diamondback you need to pay attention to compatibility in the drivetrain (often need to change BB with cranks for example) and brakes (different levers may be required with v brakes).

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