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Need Help With My First Rim Replacement
I have a Fuji Absolute 3.0 I got from Performance Bike. It fell off the back of my car and I had to buy a replacement front wheel. I've taken the old wheel to two different LBS and both say the rim is beyond repair.

Since I have a replacement on the bike, I have decided to learn to replace a rim. I will try this to learn and not because I need a front wheel. I have replaced spokes and adjusted out of true wheels before without problem.

Finally, getting to my question: where can one buy a replacement rim. Some of the web sites leave one to feel, just about any 700 rim will do. I feel there must be more to it than that. Could someone help me out and tell me what sizing is needed and where is the best place to buy one.

I know I can by a complete factory replacement for about $76.00 on e-bay from that guy in New Mexico, but as said before this is going to be a learning experience. Thank in advance.
I purchase my rims from Niagara Cycle either directly or thru Amazon.

My favorite rim in the 622 size is the Velocity Dyad because they are flat and round. The CR-18 is also quite good, a lot less expensive, a little heavier, not as strong, and not quite as flat and round so the build is a little slower.

You will also need spokes, because the ERD of the rims are different. I use SpocalcExpress: http://sheldonbrown.com/rinard/spocalc.htm You need to know some dimensions of your hub too. See the WHOLE web page for what you need and how to measure.

Spokes: I like Wheelsmith SS14 - in expensive and strong. Good your first few wheel builds, then if you desire you can graduate to butted spokes. http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/spokes.asp
I have seen videos on youtube where the person tapes the new rim to the old wheel and then transfers the spokes. I was looking for something to do that. However, how do I choose a rim?
(07-03-2014, 05:00 PM)rommer25 Wrote:  I have seen videos on youtube where the person tapes the new rim to the old wheel and then transfers the spokes. I was looking for something to do that. However, how do I choose a rim?
The two critical things are that the rim have the same spoke count and that it has the same diameter where the spoke nipples seat into the rim. If you can't get the exact same rim, try to find one that has a pretty similar profile/shape. It will be very hard to find out the exact measurement unless you have the rims in hand. But as long as it is within a few mm, you shouldn't have any trouble.

You also want something with a reasonably similar width, though that is not as critical. Also check if it's drilled for presta or shraeder to match your current one.

Check to make sure none of the spokes are damaged or have any sharp kinks in them from the accident. If so, replace those spokes or consider new spokes or complete wheel.

But the rim swap technique is a good quick way to build up a new rim. Grease the nipple threads as you swap them over and make sure you have the new rim aligned with the old one (valve hole in same spot and holes for left side spokes lined up with left side ones on the old rim, etc.)

good luck!
I would EMPHASIZE Dave's comment on damaged spokes - do NOT use them.

Personally, I have found it easier to build a wheel from scratch than transfer spokes - but everyone is different.
There is yet another factor to consider when transferring directly to another rim, and that is different offset drillings. If you look at the rim at the valve hole some have the holes offset so that the hole to the right is closer to you, some to the left.

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