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Hubby's underside aching after extended ride

We both have Venture 2.0 bybrid bikes. We really like them, but my husband had to switch his seat and ended up with the one here:


This helped his underside greatly, especially the most sensitive parts, but he is finding that after an hour's ride, he has to start standing up for half a minute or so to give his behind a break from hurting before he sits back down. If we approach 2 hours, he has to stand frequently after about 90 min and can hardly wait to get home.

He says that the seat is doing its main job- protecting his family jewels and such- but the pressure on the sit bones becomes unbearable after a couple of hours. So we are looking at a solution. I think the seat may not have enough padding, not sure though so thought I would post here.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Seats and seat positions are very individual things. However one thing for sure the answer is not more padding but a better fit. Padded saddles just spread the hot spot while properly fit saddle will support under the hip bones. If there is a well equipped shop in your area they may recommend a saddle and help fit it.

Long rides need to be worked up to, not just jump on and go. The body needs build up to longer rides. Bicycle pants are great help.

That said some general fit saddles work well for many folks average sized folks.

I like this one. It also comes in a gel padded version. I was not impressed with gel seats. Some may like them.

Never Give Up!!!
For my 300+#; I like this one:

it is narrow and firm.

I find ones like you posted to be very uncomfortable.

This one works for my wife on her trike and on our tandem:

It is too wide for me.
Thanks, guys, but really not helping the hubby too much. His prior seats were like the ones you describe, nfmisso, and they really hurt his sensitive areas which was why he switched to the one I linked to. Although the one posted for your wife does look like it has the center recessed area, the one you use doesn't appear to.

George, unfortunately, the closest decent bike shop is like 40 mi away with bridge tolls, so not very convenient. I agree that would probably be the best way to ensure a better fit, but only IF we could find the right shop. The ones we visited before buying our Ventures didn't seem all that knowledgeable. I appreciate the link for the seat though, may look into that more.

Another type of seat we have looked at is one that has adjustable split saddles on both sides, cannot recall the name right now. However, I'm not sure that would solve the problem as it seems to be more of a comfort issue for him now rather than his sensitive areas.


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