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How to fix old dual lever brakes- plastic spacer broken
Hi there!
I have an old 1980s peugeot road bike with dual lever "suicide brakes".

The little plastic piece that is a spacer between the screw and the suicide lever is cracked, but I can't figure out what it is called to find a new one.

It looks like a washer, but it actually is not, it is a cylinder that slides in with a washer thing on top... think of like a top hat but with a hollow center column.

Do you know what these are called and where I could find a replacement one?

I like my suicide brakes and would like to keep them but i need the spacer in order to make the one side work better.
I can provide photos I just don't know how to add them here.
I think you are foolish to use those brakes, as they will not stop you in an emergency, and there's no time to reach for the "real" ones. Having said that I would bet that a bike shop that does a lot of used bike sales or certainly a bike co-op should be able to dig up one. You could also just look for abandoned or thrown out bikes on the curb. But there are other more safe options - interrupter levers, better positioning of the regular levers/bars, different style bars (upright).
(04-20-2014, 10:46 PM)Justine Wrote:  I can provide photos I just don't know how to add them here.
Put your pics on a site like photobucket & then post a link to them here.

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