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Stolen Back Wheel, need replacement
Hey guys,

So I left my bike locked up at a train station and the back wheel got stolen off of it (as well has the seat and seat post). I'm looking for suggestions on replacement parts. I'd like to get decent parts without breaking the bank (decent to mean means it works well and won't break/fall apart super fast). I mostly ride the bike on the road/dirt trails.

How much do you suspect it'll cost to replace the tire and seat?

I have a hard rock sport 2009 (without disc brakes). It has a 19" frame. I know it's not anything too fancy but it's been a great bike.

[Image: 2yz0hgi.jpg]

Only the back wheel was stolen, should I replace the front wheel too?

Where's the best place to buy bike parts?

Should I get matching tire tread to go with the front and back?

What things do I need to check to ensure the tire is proper size for the bike?

What things do I need to check to ensure the seat post/seat is a proper size for a bike?

I have no problem putting it back together, but do bike shops have easier access and cheaper parts available to them? Should I go to a bike shop or just find everything myself?
This one: http://www.bikepedia.com/quickbike/BikeSpecs.aspx?Year=2009&Brand=Specialized&Model=Hardrock%20Sport&Type=bike ?

You need to know the O.L.D. (Over Lock Nut dimension) same as the INSIDE spacing of the rear frame. It is most likely 135mm for your bike.

You also need to know the rim diameter, which appears to be 559mm (aka 26").

You will also need a new rear cassette; with the same number of cogs (speeds) as your old one, to match your shifter. Probably 8. Also the biggest cog can be no larger than the old one was - unless you replace your chain at the same time. Make sure to grease the freehub on the outside before installing the cassette.

Seat post - measure the diameter of the hole. Bikepedia says that it is 30.9mm, but you should verify. Make sure you grease the seat post when you install it.

Saddle - get one you like.

Tires do not have to be matching, some high end mtb have very different tires front and rear optimized for the application. The tires can be a wide range of widths and still fit. On the original wheel, probably anything from 26x1.25 to 26x2.125 would work. Generally, narrower are faster on pavement and dry packed dirt. Knobbies are good for loose dirt, sand, mud, etc. Knobby slow you down ALOT on hard pack and pavement.

No need to replace both wheels.

I purchase most of my bike parts from Amazon and Niagara Cycle. Some bike shops will match their prices, none will beat.
You know, I think I was mistaken. Mine is the 2008 model.


Thanks for the input. I'm sure I'll come back with questions in a day or two. I'm going to run by a bike shop today.
Sorry I've been MIA. Car needed to go to the shop so that took priority with my free time. But to summarize everything I need (please correct).
  • Seat Post - 30.9mm
  • Saddle - whatever i want
  • Tire - 26x1.25-2.125
  • Tube - must fit tire
  • Cassette - 8 cogs (preferibly with a smaller big cog than the last one... is there anyway I can check this?)
  • Wheel (does this include the rim, spokes and everything?)
Also need rim tape.

You also should get a new chain to go with the new cassette.

Wheel = rim + hub + spokes.

Cassette: Bikepedia says it was an 11-32; unless your climbing crazy steep hills, an 11-28 should work well for you.
Why don't you read the size & model from the front tire & post it here. It'll be a specialized tire.
This will fit your 8 speed rear wheel, get the 11-28 tooth. Others prefer other brands, this works for me. Every inexpensive cassette I've seen is less than perfect.
Thanks for all the input guys, now my task is to order all of the parts. 1FJEF thanks for the suggestion, I'll put that down. I'll read the specs of the front tire and post it here tomorrow. But just as a running list of what I need (so I can keep it all organized).

Seat Post - 30.9 Basic one ($15.35)
Saddle - Basic one ($18.97)
Tire - ?
Tube - ?
Cassette - 8 cogs Shimano HG51 8-Speed 11-28T ($22.01)
Rim - ?
Hub - ?
Spokes - ?

If you guys have suggestions (or think a part I picked out isn't good) let me know. Thanks again for all the help, I'm going to owe you guys big.
Okay guys, heres what I've got for you from my front tire. Check the attached images.
Ok; tire is 51-559 (26x2.0) - take a look on Amazon, and at your local stores to find one you like.

The rim looks like an Alex Adventurer branded for Specialized. It is a good rim, same one Surly uses for the LHT.

If you are close; I have a rear wheel built up with a no-name loose ball hub, 36 Wheelsmith DH13 spokes and an Alex Adventurer rim. It is a VERY strong wheel. It is in my green GT. I am going to build a new set of matching wheels for it with Velocity Aeroheat rims - I have the parts, just have to find the time.
I live in Utah, so I don't think that would work. Thanks so much for offering though. How much would it cost to get it shipped you think? Would that be worth it?

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