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"jittery" disc brakes
I have a 2008 specialized rockhopper disc, it has Avid BB5 calipers and a 160mm G2CS clean sweep rotor, lately the front brakes have been very "jittery", or "rough", I've cleaned them, which didn't help... the rotors also like to warp WAY off center which isn't normal

my question is: what could be causing the problem..and how might i fix it? Thanks

When you say 'warped', do you mean that your disc is bent? I can see that causing some problems... here's an article that might be helpful:

Thanks for the link! i got the rotors straight and reset the calipers (i know how) but the "jitters" are now worse... not sure what to do

check your brake shoes.

I had a problem like that once and I had to replace the whole rim because it warped the entire thing! It fixed my problem though and I was happy.

You might also check the headset and make sure that isn't loose. It could also be the front hub. Hold it off the ground,preferably by the fork and jiggle the wheel side to side. There should be no play whatsoever.


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