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New Bike Assembly Problem
Hi everyone. I just bought my first bike in about 8 years and the first I've ever had to assemble myself. I bought it online at bikesdirect.com. (http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/dawes/sst.htm) Everything went smoothly, I had it shipped to my parents house in the States and they shipped it to me at school in Canada.
The bike arrived today, and it is truly beautiful. However I'm having a couple problems with the assembly.
1. The front wheel - When I try to put the front wheel onto the front fork blades I run into a problem. On one side of the wheel it fits in perfectly, but on the other side the fork hub(?) seems to be too small to allow the axle to slide in. I've tried all ways of maneuvering it in, but it seems impossible. Maybe I am missing something. It was obviously formed this way, so I assume there is some way to get it on.
2. The brake cable that runs to the back brake seems to have been slightly bent in shipping. Not a huge problem, but now the line is ever-so-slightly too short to allow me t slide it into the piece that holds it taught against the top tube.
Sorry for any bad terminology, as I said I'm new to the game.
I don't have a camera, so I tried to illustrate my situation as best as I could on MSPaint. So let me know if anything is unclear.
Thanks for any help!

With the fork:- Obviously the fork prongs should be parallel. If one prong is bent in, because of a bang in transit, then either gently bend it back or file it. To bend it back use something over the prong such as a pipe or adjustable / ring spanner.
Another option would be to remove the nut from one side and slide the spindle in to the slot and then replace the nut, but not the best option.
If you do decide to "bend" it then please do it with care and don't lever it against the other prong or you may bend that one instead. Over-bending the prong could snap it off altogether.
Filing the prong flat might be the "safest" option and wouldn't put anymore stress on the prong.
Brake:- Not quite sure what you mean but usually there is some spare cable to allow for adjustments. I'm guessing now - But if you un-clamp the inner cable from the rear brake can you then fit the brake cable into the "stop"? Then re-clamp the cable back in place.
If unsure about anything above then take the bike to a local bike shop.

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If you have a warranty on it, and this is just another option, call up BicycleDirect. See if they are willing to replace the fork assembly. That is if they are the Manufacturers of the Bicycle. Other then that, cycleruk took the words right out of my mouth lol. Good luck.

Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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