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Restoring 1964 Schwinn Stingray
I am restoring this stingray i bought 45 years ago.The parts in the rear hub all look good,no wear.the problem is when i get it tight enough that it don't woble it is to tight to turn,there 's no in between.
Is there an adjustment on the retarder sping,if so how.
Please somebody help.
It is a red band single speed,Bendix 76.Also where can i get parts?
Some links:

The retarder spring is not adjustable, it is either good, or needs to be replaced.

Are you sure it is the brake locking things up? I would take it apart again, remove the brake pieces, and make sure that you can get everything to spin freely without the brake. Fix any issues in the bearing system first.

Wild guess - did you accidentally put the bearings in backwards?
I put the bearing side in.I tighten it just enough that it don't have any side to side movement and it don't turn freely.
How does the retarder work?Does the spring bring those two pieces back together or what.Has any body put one together,maybe they can expain.
I check again and it does turn.I spin it with my hand it just doesn't spin as long as the front does.Is this normal?It's been 45 years sense i done this.
It spins freely with no brake pieces in.
then you now know the wheel bearings are good, and can focus on the brake mechanism only. Sorry, I do not have any experience with coaster brake servicing; hopefully some of the links above will help.
Thinks anyway,hope somebody can.Maybe i just don't know how freely it supose to spin.Or how much play it supose to have.

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