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Upgrading derailleur from shimano c101
Hey guys. First post. I just got an old specialized expedition and am over hauling the while bike. This is a fun project for me. Love learning about bikes. So far I've bought:
F/R Avid single digit 5 linear pull brakes
Shimano ef-51 ez fire shifter/brake combo--comes with new cable and housing.

I would like to know what you guys think is a solid but inexpensive rear derailleur. The bike has 3x7 gears. I was looking on amazon and was looking at derailleurs with positive reviews. So far I've looked at shimano tourney tx35 and tx55, shimano alivio m410, and a shimano Altus rdm310. Any other suggestions? Which of these do you guys prefer?

What about some hydrid tires?

I have an old Expedition Elite. Where do you ride? 99% road? How much do you weigh?
Your bike doesn't use a RD with an integral hanger like a cheap cruiser so nix on the Tourney 35,55 & 75 (unless they are the uncommon direct mount version). Go with the Altus RDM-310 as a minimum. Your bike should have the old Acera RD on it, which was OK. Mine is a little noisy (with a KMC 7.3mm chain). Watch out for SRAM RDs (1:1 ratio), some won't work with your shifters.
Painkiller can probably give you an idea in what's good in the $35 & under range.
Most road 90%+. Occasionally go "off road" at a local park. I weigh 220#. I'm not sure what the current RD is. It just says shimano c101. Any other suggestions for a RD or is the Altus 310 my best balance of quality/cost? What about tires? I really appreciate your input. Thanks.
If it's old you should have 36 hole wheels, they are probably marked 519. I destroyed my rear!. I'm super heavy, you are a bit heavier than those wheels were made for so I would keep the back tire fairly fat to absorb shock, like 26 x 1.95 minimum.
I'm sorry, the specialized tire I like for your use is discontinued, so I don't know which tire to suggest. I ride 100% street, which means I sometimes have to cover hard packed dirt. So I ride Schwalbe Big Apple 26 x 2.15, which measure 55mm wide. The same tire in 26 x 2 measures 47mm & I like it as a front tire. These are $48 each. I know & like these tires. You'll kill yourself if you use them mountain biking LOL!
Remember that stated size & actual tend to differ.
(07-10-2013, 06:33 PM)Success Wrote:  Hey guys. First post. I just got an old specialized expedition. So far I've bought:
F/R Avid single digit 5 linear pull brakes
Shimano ef-51 ez fire shifter/brake combo--comes with new cable and housing.

I would like to know what you guys think is a solid but inexpensive rear derailleur.
Well, first don't toss the old brake arms, send them to me, I like 'em! I'll pay shipping lol!
The RDs on Amazon are pretty good, you want a long cage.
Here's the Direct Mount Tourney cheapie.
The Acera, a newer version of my Expeditions RD, about $20.
If you have $ to burn get the Deore, they have a good reputation.
I would like the RD-M410 or RD-M310, at $30 & $20ish.
I only have experience with the old Acera & the Tourney, which I would use if $ was the issue.
So this is your RD?
[Image: $T2eC16J,!yME9s5qF3j!BRE7zEZRKw~~60_1.JPG]
It's Tourney quality by the looks of it. Here's a new one on ebay. It might be a safe bet to just replace it with the same RD.
That's my exact RD. I was able to buy a m410 for $19 shipped on eBay.
Good deal, I saw nothing less than about $30 delivered.
Which Expedition do you have? Suspension anywhere?
No suspension. I'm not sure which model it is. It's an older bike. It's doesn't say sport anywhere. Anything I can look for to tell me what model? I wish I knew the year.
If it has no suspension seat post or forks it is an Expedition. I think they made the Sport & Elite with upgrades like suspension seat post, forks & tires. Also, in later years I've seen them with more than 7 speed cassettes. Mine is pre 2000 & has a different stem than newer ones.
Go to specialized USA, Support, bike archive & look in there. Try this link. You have to click & choose year first.
I did a little research and i believe its a 2000 expedition. the website has some good info

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