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Rim tape removal/repair
This is probably a very basic question for all of you, but can anyone help me fix a rim tape problem? It appears that the tape has shifted in the ten years I've owned my bike (is that possible?) and now it doesn't cover the entire hole in the rim where the tube valve comes through. My tubes are all popping within a day of installing them in the same place at that side of the valve. How can I fix this? I see that I can buy new rim tape, but should i remove the old one first, and if so, how? Or should I try to merely add a bit more tape to the exposed metal at the valve hole? I've tried padding that spot with layers of electrical tape (all I had the the time), that failed. Suggestions? Thanks.
there are more opinions on this subject than there are bicycles in the world. If it works, it is a good solution.

I always peel the old off, and use 3M strapping tape cut to about 10mm wide, and use several layers. The layers start and stop 10 to 20mm from the valve hole. I do not have any tape around the valve hole.

I have also tried pieces sliced from old inner tubes, electrical tape, old fashion rubber rim bands, fancy bike rim tape.

The valve hole needs to be burr free. Feel around it with your finger tip, it should be nice and smooth. Finish clean up of burrs with 800 to 1000 grit sand paper or your favorite method.
If the edge of the hole is cutting the tube, you need to deburr, sand, and smooth the edge of the hole, not try to cover it with tape. The valve hole is rarely covered with tape. The tube is extra thick in this area to deal with it and anything sharp enough to cut the tube is going to cut through the tape too. Somehow you got a bad burr in there, clean it up and the problem should go away.
If it helps, a Q-tip run around the hole lightly will find burrs. The cotton will catch on it. Use a very light grip/touch. Find the burr.
Thank you all. I used a Q-tip and you're right, there is something catching it. I'll try filing and sanding. Much appreciated.
It's super soft metal, so easy does it. That should be one super fine file. A deburring tool might help too.
Regarding the rim tape not covering the valve hole: With the sticky rim tape I go over the valve hole twice and then make a hole in the tape with a spoke that I heated up. Don't know where I found this method, maybe online somewhere...

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