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Finding a solid fork w/ out shocks and with a v brake
Does anyone know a good place online to just find parts. In particular a fork for a 20" bike. I just adapted a target 20" mountain bike to a bx style handlebar cause to be honest i have never been a fan of the larger 10 speed bikes. Any how i have how the front fork feels as it takes away from some of the agility i was going for so if you have some suggestions.
Amazon is where I find most things.....

here is one:

but you did not mention what you have for a headset: threaded or threadless; 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4" or something else..
Bear in mind that rigid forks will most likely make the front of the bike lower, I personally think it'd be a better idea to sell that and buy a bmx if that's what your truly after.

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