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Help Finding a bike that will fit
Hey i am new to the forum and I want to start cycling again. But unfortunately i am 6' 11" 220lbs with a 38-39" inseam making it pretty difficult to find a bike that will fit. I live in Florida and will use it mainly on-road to travel to the beaches, I am not looking for some $1500+ cycle I just want a somewhat durable bike that will fit me moderately comfortably and I'm on a tight budget so it has to be as cheap as possible, I know that this may be allot to ask, I just wanted to see what my options are. Thanks.
would this one be a good choice?

Hi Josh;

That is a nice classic bike !! It will probably require a tune up and all the bearings re-lubed. Easy for many of us to do in a couple of hours; but a bike shop will charge $100 to $150 (in San Jose anyway).

It is a bit small for you; if you like to have your legs straight at the bottom of the pedal stroke. That can probably be solved with a 400mm seat post (<$20- on Amazon). The reach for your arms will be a little more pricey ~$50 on Amazon for the parts; which will include new brake cables.

Tell us your overall budget, and your mechanical skill level.

The bike in the link can be made to work well for you for an extra $70- plus labor.
Looks like a nice old school bike with low shifters. Knees should be slightly bend on the bottom of the stroke not straight.

Seems you will have about two inch standover thats OK.

IMO do it. Give it a tune up and lub job as Nigel said and you are good for a few years. Use Marine waterproof grease. I like Bel Rey products.

Here is my redo of a similar period bike.
Never Give Up!!!
Looks like he got it because I was just looking through and it is removed. Was wanting to look at it Sad . Oh well hope it suits Josh well.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Bill. Its still showing I just looked. Could be a browser issue.


Strange when I click the link from here I get deleted, but when I copy and paste it I see the bike.
Never Give Up!!!
Hi George; hit refresh after copy and paste - it will disappear. Or clear your cache. When you copy and paste, it is pulling from your cache.
Dang unfortunately i didnt get to buy it, I am currently up in ga at college and i was going to pick it up on my way home for spring break next friday. I called him yesterday and he still had it, we agreed that if he still had it by then i would take it, the listing had been on there for a while so I thought it would be fine, but i guess someone else saw one of my thread about the bike and jumped on the bike before i could. Sad
Oh, thanks for info , Nigel.
Never Give Up!!!
anyone in South Cali that would want to ship me this one?

alright I may have found another one:


and this guy might be willing to ship it. So how does it look?
Look pretty nice by the pictures of what I can make from them. I would asked for closer pictures of the components Wink .
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
what would a fair price for the bike be?

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