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How to configure front brakes:

I recently purchased this TREK Verve 2 and ever since I
removed the front wheel to put it in my car, I have had difficulties
with the front brakes.
There are two problems (see attached photos):
1) At the handlebars the cable keeps coming loose when either
the brake-handlebar is pressed or when I attempt to connect it
at the other end.

2) I can seem to connect it properly at the bottom over the front
wheel. That also keeps coming out.

How can I fix these?

Thanks in advance:
Also this photo:
look at these:



and Alex's video:
The end of the cable doesn't look right when I magnify the picture. The stop for the cable at the noodle doesn't look right, but how could that have changed unless it was damaged while the wheel was off?
I probably damaged it when attempting to assemble/attach it.
Hey Nigel, he may have some kitty litter buckets that you can use if your nice. Smile
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(06-03-2013, 07:24 PM)painkiller Wrote:  Hey Nigel, he may have some kitty litter buckets that you can use if your nice. Smile


with three males; the little one is 12 lbs; we have no shortage Smile
(06-03-2013, 06:26 PM)speb Wrote:  I probably damaged it when attempting to assemble/attach it.
perhaps look at your back brake & compare. I think you just need another noodle with a built in cable stop.

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