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Brake cable suggestions?
I own a 2013 Trek 7.2 FX, and the front brake shoe stopped working up to par, so I decided that I needed to upgrade it. I'm getting a Avid Single Digit 7, and well, I need a brake cable. The one I own now it frayed, so I can't really use it, so what would you recommend?
I get the Bell wiring kit from Wal-mart ($6-) for a complete set of cables.

Some people go for higher end cables, but there is very little noticeable difference.

Pull the cable completely out of the housing, after you cut the housing to length, and clip any burrs on the ends, put a couple of drops on light oil inside the housing, before installing it on the cable. This will reduce the risk of corrosion and make things operate smoother.

If you are going to replace any of the cables, replace them all while you have the tools out. Make sure you crimp the little ends on to prevent fraying.
I don't have any particular brand favorites (Jagwire seems to come well recommended)
I would just say spend the extra for stainless wires and make sure to get housing with a liner on the inside. The cheap stuff doesn't always have that.

I've found housing quality to vary more than cables actually. Cheap housing will give you spongy feeling brakes and hard to adjust gears.
+1 on the stainless cables and the lined housing. I buy bulk cables and bulk housing buy the spool to save money, but I use it all the time. In a pinch the bell pack would work but I may use the cable but I never use the unlined housing but I do save it for a pre-cut to measure the good stuff when setting a bike up. If you can swing the cash go to the local bike shop and get the better quality housing at least, and get the bell pack for the cables will save a little cash and save the bell pack housing for the little poor kid in the neighborhood that needs a freebie
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Thanks for the advice about the stainless steel cables, I was about to go and buy some Shimano ones that weren't. So I have a few quick questions. Since I own what is considered a hybrid bike, would you suggest buying a mountain or road brake cables, or just get the ones that are universal? Also, which brake cable would you prefer?



I'm figuring that the Jagwire ones will be better, but I'm just wondering your opinion. Also, one other question. If I get the Jagwire ones, should I get 1700 mm, or the 2750 mm ones? Also, the cable housing isn't messed up at all, it's only about five months old. So would you suggest just buying the cable? If so, would this cable work?

If you have straight, mountain bike style bars and brake levers, then you need mountain style cables. Road and mtn cables have different shaped ends. On universal cables, you cut off the end you don't need.

You don't need to replace housing unless it is kinked, cracking, or the old cable was frayed inside the housing.

Length wise, you just need to get a cable long enough to replace the old one. 1" = 25.4mm
Alright, thanks for helping me out. I have MTN style brakes then. Anyways, I think I will go ahead and get the jagwire wires.
the key is having nice cable cutters, cutting to the proper length, deburr the ends, use endcaps and crimps.
If you do not have cutters you can use a dremel with a cut-off wheel, this cuts and deburrs at the same time. does a great job
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Ah okay, thanks. I actually have a great cable cutter, so yeah Smile.

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