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Need a new floor pump, suggestions?
I been looking to replace my cheap department store pump for months, but just can't decide what to get. I think I've pretty much narrowed it down between the Joe Blow sport and the Planetbike STX pump, but I am open to other suggestions and opinions in the $40 and under range.

My biggest concern, and I know it's just a pump, but I'm just not to impressed with any one floor pump. The reviews are all over the place, some people have good luck with the Topeak Joe Blow''s and others say to avoid them they leak, break, need rebuilding often etc.. I haven't seen any reviews on the Planetbike pump but it looks to be pretty good (aside form a goofy looking handle)
One of the best I can recommend you is the SKS Rennkompressor. In Europe it is the standard track pump. Almost indestructable, spare parts available, what more do you need?

Hi trek830,

If I had to choose between those two models I would go for the Joe Blow Sport, as it looks a sturdy and I think the company has a better reputation (I haven't used either brand).

That said, if you want a quality pump that will last a lifetime, I'd recommend the Zefal Husky, even though it costs just a bit more. I own one and I once worked in a shop that used it as their primary pump... all day long every day with no problems.
I'm sorry to say but for only 40.00 you are not going to get a great pump now days. But it depends on how much pressure you need too if you are only going up to say 65 psi then just about any pump would do for you. But to get to 80 psi or more you will need a better pump for the road I use a zefal #3 frame pump but for my little shop I use a Serfas FMP-500 Bicycle Floor Pump but its over 40.00
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.
A little late but I thought I'd throw in my two cents ...

I have the Bontrager Turbo Charger and have been very happy with it. Bought it at Revolution Cycles in the D.C. area. Steel barrel and steel stand - has held up very well. The built-in gauge also is very accurate; I've double-checked it with a regular bike tire pressure gauge and the readings are VERY close.

It retails at about $45, though, but the extra expense is worth it for this pump (or several other similar pumps) since you'll probably get more durable components and more accurate gauges.
Go for the Topeak. High quality pumps. I've never had a problem with mine, neither has my brother.

You have to keep in mind that many reviews for bike products done by everyday users instead of dedicated testers and these are by no means professional reviews. For example, mtbr.com, and other user driven sites. Anyone can write a review. So you get some people that try to review a product objectively and fairly, and all their hard work is destroyed by some 14 year old twit that writes "THIS PRODUCT SUCKS!" and gives it a rating of 1 out of 5. I've learned to avoid the short reviews that focus on one problem the user had, and really look for reviews that have a good list of pros and cons.

Or just listen to the good folks here.Smile
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Go For The Specialized Floor Pump .
SwitchHitter head technology.
Oversize gauge.
Heavy duty steel base.
Aluminum barrel.
Body geometry inspired handle.
I Own One And im Happy
I mean this with all sincerity, but Specialized pumps do not have the best reputation. I am very happy you got a good one, and I'm glad it works well for you, but I must warn people that there have been MANY unhappy Specialized pump owners. I personally have had 3 Specialized pumps (One floor, one trail, and one shock) and all have been very poor. I hope these are isolated incedents, and everyone else's work great. But just be careful.
Dedicated scholar of bicycles

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