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I am taking her for a 25 mile group ride today. Let's see how she performs Smile
Ok so I took this baby yesterday to this group ride and everything went well...brakes are good , shifting is smooth, the new tires performed very well...better tan I expected. Only downside is that I think I need to replace the wheels...at least the rear. when cruising at fast speed downhill there is a bumping on the rear wheel. And the faster you go the worst it gets.

The guy at the LBS did told me that the wheels were good but he also told me that the rear still had a little problem but it wasnt something really bad. But I think it is bad. It wasnt fun going at a 27 - 30mph downhill and feel like hitting uneven pavement every half of a second.

So my question is that if I get the Vuelta wheels what other changes will this change incur?...like other parts needed, cost for labor... etc etc

or if I get the other option I posted above it will incur the same changes as the Vuelta? or it will be easier/cheaper or more convnient?...

Thanks for your help
Well, if the hubs are still ok the rear wheel is just in need of some truing and tensioning. This will definitely be less expensive than a new set of wheels.
When buying new wheels you will have to make sure those are really better built than the current ones (otherwise you will be back to this point fast). Then, as the OLD of road wheels has increased to 130mm you need to figure out if the frame accommodates them (might be a tad narrow), otherwise the rear triangle can be opened slightly if and only if it is a steel frame. Then, the dérailleur hanger needs to be adjusted (the LBS has the tools for that). You will also need a spacer to put on the hub. Other than that I cannot think of anything. Regarding the other wheels: it really depends on the OLD of the hub, might be ok, might be not, and of course and foremost on the quality of the built! Even with components that are low-ish (not the lowest end stuff, the rims have really uneven joints) end you can build a really sturdy, decent, long-lasting wheel.
Some updates on the Bianchi. Working on getting a new rear wheel.

New Oldschool retro look Iscaselle bar tape .



You are really bring that thing back to life!!! Must say it is looking very very nice!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
coming along quite nicely I must say. Did you wrap the bars yourself, always a task for a first timer. Honestly not my favorite job anytimeSmile. I am glad you scored a nice bicycle, it makes it all worth the while
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