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Gear Change Problems
Hello can anyone help?

I'm having problems trying to adjust the gears on the front set of gears. I have the shimano ci-deck plus shifters and when I'm trying to shift gears the front derailleur is only moving a little and the only clicks from 2nd to 3rd. It clicks back to 2nd but wont move down into 1st at all.

I tried tightening the cable but there is little to no difference to the gears which leads me to think its the shifter.

Does anyone know what might be the problem?
1. un do the cable entirely from the front derailleur.
2. by hand move the derailleur over its full range of motion - either remove the chain, or have someone turn the cranks for you.
3. make sure that the cable is clean, well lubricated and that there is no corrosion.
4. see if the shifter will move the cable properly - you will have to provide a good deal of resistance to simulate the front derailleur.

this should isolate the problem.
Hi, I've un done the cable from the front derailleur and I can move the the derailleur fully. The shifter does not seem to click fully into 3rd but will snap back into second but won't go into 1st at all
does the cable move freely with respect to the housing? - you may have to disconnect the cable from the shifter depending on shifter design.
I've taken the cable completly out now and the shifter can't get into first and still struggles to get into 3rd.
shifter definitely - which are unfortunately sometimes rather difficult to service; replace the cables at the same time.
Ok great stuff I look to source another shifter.

Thanks for the help
Just wanted to check. I have a couple of old bikes sitting gathering dusts one has the twist shifters and the other has the really old shifter where you use thumb. Is there any reason why I couldn't salvage one from them and put on the bike that has the quick shifters on them?

Plus if they are not suitable would any sort of quick shifters be suitable or so I have to get the exact same model of shifter?
It depends on several factors. On CI-Deck I found the following Shimano TechDoc

Looks as if the CI-Deck is a gear indicator that can be put between the shifters and the dérailleurs? I looked again: The CI-Deck is attached to the shifters with an additional cable. So, I would assume that any shifter with the same number of speeds that pulls the same amount of cable should be compatible with the dérailleur, but I don't really know about the CI-Deck. You need to get a pair where you can attach the indicator cable. If you tell us the type of the shifter itself you can try searching for a compatible replacement.

Thanks for the reply but I managed to get a replacement shifter for £11.99 delivered, so thankfully going to replace like for like.

Thanks for the reply but I managed to get a replacement shifter for £11.99 delivered, so thankfully going to replace like for like.
Hey, congrats! Good luck with setting it up!
even i also have the same problem. the gear does'nt shift to first or second. when i put the gear shifter to first it remains in 3rd gear. i dont know what to do!
Follow Nigel's instructions from above?

I am having the exact same issue with my CI-Deck plus gear shifter and my 050 top-swing SIS front derailleur. the lever just wouldn't even click on the 3rd gear.

The same also happens with my Tourney SIS index deraileur. In this case the lever just wouldn't go beyond the 4th gear.

Would the same process, as explained by Nigel, be applicable to the rear derailleur?


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