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Tapered or spline?
ok. basically I jacked up one of my crank arms.(non drive) it was truvativ touro set that I have been riding with for about 5 years or so. Id like to keep my bike looking how Im used to it. I know im weird. its a motobecane phantom cx. nothing much but I love it. anyway. I cant find a square taper crankset or even the correct size bottom bracket 110.5 (mines a rpm 7420) but what I can find is a power spline set. and a powerspline 113or118. I dont even know if the taper or spline makes a difference or how much of a difference the bottom bracket size from 110.5 to 113. would the power spline happen to set up into the crankset deeper compared to the tapered so that I wouldnt have to adjust as much? or am I just screwed and need to stop whining about adjusting my gears?
Hm, usually the mid-to-lower end Shimano stuff should be available in almost all possible lengths. If it is not available in your size consider that the number you are referring to is the axle length in mm (most likely...). Take a look at the chain line and the front dérailleur and think about what would happen if you moved the crankset a mm or so in either direction: does it mess up the chainline or does it make adjusting the FD impossible? A mm is not going to mess up your knees more than they already are (I guess, but I'm not a medical doctor), nor will you even feel it. You can move the cleats or put a washer on one of the pedal axles to move the foot back, though.

Concerning the other question: The location of the crank set is more or less fixed by the chain line (and the adjustability of the front dérailleur). So if you go from one system (square tape) to any other and leave the chain line as it is nothing will change about the "gear adjustment" problem (could you specify what you mean with that so that we can tell you to "stop whining" or point you in a direction to correct the problem? I have a guess, but my crystal ball is off for polishing, my Tarot card set is strewn all over the place and I'm out of coffee and tea leaves... Wink )
Here ya go actual replacement, the .5 is only a manufacturer thing!
not good enough try this
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
im sorry I was upset and tired at the time of this posting. my non drive crank (i guess) got loose then started to wiggle around. but it wont sit flush on my bottom bracket anymore. my crank is not square anymore. So I do need to find another crankset and I can only find a spline crankset. (might need to look around on Bills website) THANK YOU BY THE WAY! I guess what Im worried about is wither the spindle length would mess up my front derailleur even if it is just 3 mm and spread out on both sides im assuming. and the next would be even if the spindle is longer would the crank go further on to the spline spindle compared to the taper. say even though the spindle is longer when the crankset is put on, the overall length of the bottom bracket+ crankset would be the same for the spline that it would be the tapered.

here is the crankset that I found that would replace what is on mine

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