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Looking for a CDC REAR COG 22t 9 spline replacement
I have an original 2010 Trek District 1st edition. I need the rear cog 22t 9 spline replaced, I've stripped out my original one. I can not find this part anywhere and if I go to trek website or even gates, they say the part does not exist. When I contacted gates they informed me that they do not have any and that I could maybe find it through a 3rd party source. I really do not want to change it from the original set up, I would rather keep the original CDC 22T rear cog. Does anyone have one laying around in a shop or know where I can maybe find one? I am looking everywhere so any help is so appreciated. Thank you in advance
Have you had any luck finding the original cog?
(09-05-2020, 05:45 AM)G_M Wrote:  Have you had any luck finding the original cog?

No I have not had luck on finding one.
Could @ChaseCal be a helper here with Trek related topic?
@BeachinGoose @G_M
Offhand, I believe we only have the Trek TAB Belt Drive 28T IGH Cog anymore. shortly after the version you have, Trek switched out to a 28T and a 68T system. We, unfortunately, don't make the TAB system anymore, we just have some parts sitting in warehouses. You can go into any Trek store or trek dealer and they should be able to order one for you if they don't have them in stock (I know we don't).
The nine spline system is becoming uncommon in the world of belt drive bikes too.
We may or may not be making a new District with a Gates Carbon Drive system with an internal shifting hub if you are into that sort of thing.

I will reach out to some other guys at some other stores for you and see if anyone has a 22T cog laying around for you, but seeing as we only made them for a short period of time, I can't promise anything.
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