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Bike Pedal Fell Off
Hi there,

Earlier today while I was riding my bike, my entire bike started to get very wobbly, and then my pedal fell right off! It came along with the crank (I think that's what it's called, I'm not that familiar with bike parts though.) It looks like it would pop right back on, but it won't. Luckily, I have a few pictures that will show the problem a lot better than I can explain it. If it's any help at all it was making noises for the past 3-4 rides whenever I applied pressure to it.

P.S. My bike is pretty old, it's from the 80's or somewhere around there...so I hope it's still fixable.

The part that fell off:

A close up:

The other side:

The part of the bike that it fell off of:

The other pedal:

Zoomed in picture of the other pedal:
The part is called a crank or crank arm. Under the slitted lid with LUNCHI stamped on it there should have been a bolt fixing the crank to the bottom bracket. It is missing. Remove the cap on the right side crank arm to see what it is supposed to look like (or check if that one is missing, too). Go to a local bike shop and ask them for one. If you ask nicely you can sometimes get them for free from the spares bin (it is a part in the sub 1$ price range). I usually also get some inner tubes or stuff like that while I'm there, hoping the shop will stay in business even though I'm doing my own maintenance.

Also check the square hole on the crank and the square "peg" (the bottom bracket axle) for dents etc. Sometimes the crank arms develop a bell shape if they work themselves loose. Then it is replacement time. A left crank arm can often be sourced from the bike shop's old spares bin / pile. If you're lucky the colours will match Wink
It looks to me like the nut is still there, held captive by the "LUNCHI" cap.

If it is, remove the cap, you can sometimes use a small coin if they're not too tight, and shake out the nut. Fit the crank arm back on the square bottom bracket axle. You will then need a 14mm socket to tighten the nut back onto the bolt that is part of the bottom bracket axle, then screw the cap back in.
Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help with a problem I've had with my pedal, I was recently cycling home and as I applied pressure there was a crack and my pedal fell off, I'm pretty sure the noise came from the plastic pedal rather than any damage to the crank as that all still seems to work fine.

The problem I'm having is changing the pedals, I bought some new ones, see this link for the new ones


However I am having trouble removing the old pedal that is still there and also the part that was left when the other pedal fell off. Its hard to describe what I mean so hopefully the pictures below help; Not the best pictures but I can take more if needed.

As you'll see there is a fixing that comes off of the crank arm that I dont seem to be able to remove, is it likely that I have to buy a crank arm or is there another way I am meant to be able to remove this fixing from the crank arm? The bike is a Ridgeback MX5 from about 2008/09 if that helps.

Any advice you can offer would be great.

I can't see from the photos, but there should be some flats on the end of the pedal spindle, nearest the crank arm, for a spanner. There may also be an allen key socket in the end of the pedal spindle that screws into the crank.

And watch for the direction of the threads! Somebody here suggested to remember "back off", so the drive side unscrews counter clockwise, the non-drive side clockwise. Compare with the threads on the new pedals if unsure, they are usually marked "L" and "R".
Thanks for the replies guys. I have bought a pedal wrench and will give that a go later. I tried it on a few bikes when I bought it and it seemed a much more solid fit so Im hoping that works.

From what I've seen online it looks as though the right pedal should be loosened in the traditional way. i.e counter clockwise to unscrew, clockwise to tighten and vice versa for the left hand side.

Really appreciate the help
I don't know for sure, but it looks to me like the bolt is still threaded into the bottom bracket on picture #4. I don't see the head when I look at the slot on picture #2.

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